Current expected member count: 15

Goal for opening day: (In order to gain close to 1K followers in a year) 23

Here’s to all those who need some place to grow.

(In skills, followings, and fame)

Owning a website can be pretty taxing. The world out there is super competitive. It’s crazy difficult to gain a substantial following, and be noticed. It’s hard to know what to do and what not to do. Here, at Avocado Cookies, we want to give each other a chance to grow. To be in a community where making mistakes is okay. To do whatever you want and get honest feedback. And of course, to gain a major fan following. Every member of this community will follow you and like every one of your posts. As we grow, you grow. As we improve, you improve. As we face this harsh, warring world as one, you are the victor.

Grow your followers

As every member of this community follows you.

Make mistakes

As every member of this community supports you.

Get fame

As every member of this community promotes you.

Get inspired

As every member of this community ignites you.

For any inquiry of any kind, email avocadocookies02@gmail.com (your details will be kept closely guarded and will not be shared with anyone unless permission is granted).